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Hard-boat, Onboard Lift, toilet

TOP GUN  is a (Portland 10)10 metre hard boat with a hydraulic diver recovery lift. It is powered by two large Perkins Sabre diesels and cruises with twelve divers on board at around twenty knots making travelling time to most of the offshore wrecks around 30-45 minutes.

Top Gun operates under an MCA Category two (yellow) certificate (up to 60 miles offshore) and is leased to Dive Eclipse Ltd who operate it from our Pontoon in Castletown.

We make your diving Simple, Safe and Fun...  

ALL of our boats are hard boats with large deck space for divers as well as purpose built benches for  kitting up and resting. Divers are always welcome into the comforting warmth of the wheelhouses. We also serve hot chocolate and soup after all dives.

ALL of our boats have onboard toilets. While Top Gun and Maverick have below-deck toilets in the bow section, newly constructed Goose boasts a toilet on deck easily accessible to the suited diver.

ALL of our boats are equipped with MCA required safety equipment that is stringently inspected on a regular basis and have modern navigation and communication technology.

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