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Building Goose...    
Bringing comfort to diving with you in mind..

From the very first day the hull of this Evolution 38 was prepared in Cornwall we had only one thing in mind. To provide as much comfort as possible for your diving while complementing it with the needs of recreational and technical divers alike.

So much was our interest in producing a boat that would meet your requirements that we ran on-line surveys and questionnaires, discussed these needs directly with divers using our other hard boats and came up with the closest we could both in comfort, speed and space.

Our target was a light hull, a strong engine, spacious deck and wheelhouse, speeds ranging from 18 to 20 knots and most of all, an ability to easily transport 12 fully kitted technical divers.

We invested heavily not only on a boat but also on its mainframe electronics to make it a survey vessel if need be for our own explorations and projects. We would like to thank those who gave us valuable feedback at the stage of designing and implementing Goose as our project to complement our existing dive boats. We would specifically like to thank those members of the Dorset Gas Diving Group (DGD)  and contributors of DIS-UK for their private and public inputs. We hope you will enjoy many good dives with Goose...



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