What to Expect

Dive Dorset is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on diving in Dorset and the rest of the UK. With safety in mind, diving should be considered an activity where safety precautions and equipment should be used extensively.

Underwater Themed Slot Games

Diving is all about exploring the underwater world and all the magical marine life in it. These games are perfect for those who are experienced with diving. Whether diving for artefact discoveries or fun, these games are all focused on the underwater world. These games provide the perfect way to be inspired to take up

Diving Instructors in Dorset

Scuba Diving can be an extremely exciting activity to take part in and can even become a new favourite hobby. Explore the open waters of Dorset by taking up training from any of the reputable PADI-registered scuba diving instructors on this page. These are among the most reputable diving instructors in Dorset. With safety being

Top 5 Diving Destinations in the UK

For many people getting into diving, shipwrecks are among the most popular reasons why. Throughout the UK, there are plenty of shipwrecks to explore through diving which provides a chance to experience a whole other experience than diving in the open waters. These are some of the most popular diving destinations in the UK and