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Diving is a popular activity in the UK, with 2018 seeing 412 000 divers being active. It is known that 31.8% of people in the UK have taken part in diving activities. The popularity of diving has recently dropped to lower numbers due to fatal casualties happening due to divers not receiving the correct training.

The correct training can be found through workshops that are registered with the relevant safety authorities in the UK. These workshops are focused on more than just teaching people how to dive and provide those interested in diving with the3 means of diving with expert knowledge around how to stay safe underwater.

We provide details on equipment that are essential to staying safe, where to buy equipment, reviews, rundowns, and more.


Safety is the single most important part of diving and is always actively taught through training and workshops. There are many aspects to safety which needs to be considered by divers and are taught through workshops in the UK.

Learn more about driving safety and safety equipment here on Dive Dorset.

Gear and Equipment

Gear is not used only for safety but can also provide a more comfortable experience. We provide details on the most popular gear and equipment available in the UK for diving and where to find these products.

Training and Workshops

With the amount of training and workshops that are available throughout the UK, it is easy to find the best training for you to get experienced with diving. With the most reputable training facilities, training is provided before going out on guided tours and even provide further activities for experienced divers to enjoy.

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