The blogs on this list are all dedicated to providing details on diving in the UK, training, and the safety equipment which is needed with diving.

British Sub-Aqua Club / News & Blog –

British Sub-Aqua Club is based in Ellesmere Port, UK and posts up to three articles each week. The blog consists of people from around the world who have a passion for scuba diving and want to inform readers on how to develop an interest. This is the perfect blog for learning about diving as well as being up to date on diving trips to take in the UK.

Simply Scuba Blog –

Simply Scuba is based in Kent and is a blog created by an award-winning scuba retail team who wants to share their passion for diving with their readers. Find the latest scuba news, equipment rundowns, comps, and much more.

World Adventure Divers –

World Adventure Divers is a diving blog with a focus on the adventurous journey that it provides divers with. The blog provides information to divers on how to explore the underwater world and beyond without it becoming financially draining. A dive travel blog for all to learn how to travel and dive.

Scuba Diver Mag Blog –

Scuba Diver Mag Blog is based in the UK with a dedication to diving. They provide lavish illustrations and run as an independent diving publication. This is the perfect blog to follow for educational articles regarding scuba diving. The blog posts up to three articles each month to help divers and those who are interested in diving with educational tips and advice.

Scuba Diving Corner –

Scuba Diving Corner is based in London and provides details on diving in the UK. Find information on scuba diving, explore gear, reviews, and more. They provide details on the most enjoyable destinations for diving in the UK and provide encouraging messages detailing how diving is perfect for the body, soul, and mind to prosper.

Visit these blogs for further information on how to get involved with diving in the UK and where to receive training.