For many people getting into diving, shipwrecks are among the most popular reasons why. Throughout the UK, there are plenty of shipwrecks to explore through diving which provides a chance to experience a whole other experience than diving in the open waters.

These are some of the most popular diving destinations in the UK and contain plenty of shipwrecks to explore.

M2 Portland, Dorset

The HMS M2 is one of the most interesting submarine wrecks in the UK and is situated in Dorset. The wreckage lies around 36m underwater and is a sight to behold for most divers as it is an adventure just getting to the wreck. The submarine was an underwater aircraft carrier and was ultimately designed to launch aeroplanes but sunk in 1932 with 60 people on board the submarine.

The Manacles, Cornwall

Home to one of the most famous UK shipwrecks, ‘The Mohegan’, which sunk in 1898. Many divers have experienced problems with conger eels hiding inside the wreck. The Manacles in Cornwall is known to be a legendary diving site off the Lizard Peninsula. This is the destination with the most wrecks in the UK, with over 110 shipwrecks being recorded. The deepest wreck spans 80 m deep and lowers to 8m.

Lundy Island, Devon

Lundy Island is located a few miles from Barnstable, North Devon. It is famous for being a vibrant destination to experience marine life. Here divers can find 10 wrecks and have the chance to experience the first area named a marine conservation zone in the UK. Here divers can spot lobsters, moon jellyfish, urchins, and seals.

Farne Islands, Northumberland

Not for the faint of heart, the Farne Islands are one of the most dangerous ship areas in the UK. The island’s seabed has many wreckages for divers to explore alongside a variety of marine life and a strong seal colony. A popular destination for more experienced divers looking to explore interesting shipwrecks.

Visiting these diving hotspots is a great experience for experienced divers to see a wider scope of what they previously experienced through diving. These destinations are not recommended for divers who do not have much experience with exploring through diving.