The SS Monte Carlo shipwreck is one of the most well-known casino ships that have sunken. With the ship drifting ashore instead of sinking in the middle of the ocean, no artefacts have been able to be found.

Diving is the only way to discover, investigate, and explore shipwrecks to find artefacts and has brought many findings of artefacts, including casino artefacts.

With the many casino whip wrecks throughout history being discovered, the gambling equipment on the SS Monte Carlo was seized by police rather than discovered by divers. The ship was last seen in 2016 when it resurfaced on the beach due to low water in California.

These boats were largely known throughout California and stood as the place to be for gambling entertainment. This brought a lot of excitement for those looking for a different type of gambling. With the excitement that came with ship casinos, a new underwater casino has now been created where the Lady Luck Ship was intentionally sunk to make the world’s first underwater casino.

The casino has seen poker championships and more happening. Scuba Dive to this perfectly positioned casino to explore the fun and entertainment known by many gamers, only this time it will be underwater.

With diving being used to discover casino artefacts as well as gambling underwater, there is no reason not to explore the gambling world in the open waters.

Gambling is now possible through many different destinations, including land, water, underwater, the skies, and even online. Online gambling has long been a popular means of gambling and has been actively enjoyed as a form of gaming even after the creation of underwater gambling.

Reliable platforms such as Griffon online casino provides fun and entertaining games where divers might even find slot games with themes of underwater treasure hunting.