Scuba Diving can be an extremely exciting activity to take part in and can even become a new favourite hobby. Explore the open waters of Dorset by taking up training from any of the reputable PADI-registered scuba diving instructors on this page.

These are among the most reputable diving instructors in Dorset. With safety being an important concern, it is vital to train with reputable instructors. Take time, relax, and you might be able to go on your first magical scuba diving trip.

C-Waves Diving

c-Waves diving has been providing diving tainting in Dorset and Portland for many years and is a PADI Diving instructor. After training, all those who make it through the course can take part in their guided diving runs. The company provides some of the best training efforts as well as tips through sharing their experience.

Poole Diving

Poole Diving started its journey by training people who want to become professional divers. The trainers are PADI registered and provide a truly exciting experience to become a professional diver. The company premises are now based just off Poole Quay as a PADI 5 Star IDC Centre with a passion for training the next generation of divers.

Scuba Blue

Scuba Blue is a dedicated PADI Diving registered establishment. They provide training together with full kit hires and theory learning materials. At the end of one of their courses, the training will provide a PADI certification. Even if a diver just wants to expand their knowledge and build confidence in scuba diving, their Advanced Open Water Diver course will work wonders.

Dorset Diving Services

Dorset Diving Services is one of the most trusted diving services companies in Dorset as they have been operating since 1982. The instructors and owners are acid scuba divers and love to teach others how to enjoy diving safely. Not only do they teach gut, but they also sell kits and all diving safety equipment needed. Recently the company has been bought over by another passionate diver providing the same quality services.

The instructors on this list are all qualified and professional divers who aim to provide diving services to anybody interested in diving. With a dedication to safety, these instructions also provide their trainees with kit hires and the ultimate advice to ensure a comfortable course.