Diving is all about exploring the underwater world and all the magical marine life in it. These games are perfect for those who are experienced with diving. Whether diving for artefact discoveries or fun, these games are all focused on the underwater world.

These games provide the perfect way to be inspired to take up training and get licensed for diving in the UK.

Shark Meet

This slot game was developed by Booming Games with 4 reels and 16 paylines. This slot can be played on mobile or computer and provides various features to enjoy for an entertaining experience. The game is full of humour and interesting imagery of the ocean.

Atlantis Gold

Atlantis Gold was developed by Touchstone Games and stood as the company’s second release since being established. The slot game follows two divers looking for treasures in ‘the sunken city. They soon discover a portal that takes them to the city’s golden day and introduces the player to the magical slot of Atlantis Gold.

Reef Raider

As with most of the games on this list, Reef Raider is available to play with top promotions from Griffon casino. Developed by NetEnt gaming, this game is one of the most exciting underwater-themed slot games for gamblers around the world. See cartoonish symbols and images of corals, crabs, and everything that makes the underwater world so astonishingly beautiful.

Oceans Treasure

Oceans Treasure was developed by Rival games with an RTP of 96%, 5 reels, and 15 paylines. Some of the game’s special features include free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus rounds, and multipliers. The symbols on the reels are of basic diving equipment, marine life, and artefacts from ships.

Most of the games on this list are available from Griffon Casino and provide fun entertainment for those who are interested in diving or are experienced divers.

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